Coaching Private Practice

Professional and confidential talkative guidance services for individuals and couples are offered in person, phone or web video conferencing. (Bilingual: English & Spanish)


Philosophy and Approach

  • A safe environment where people feel comfortable to openly ask intimate questions to a professional in the field while getting answers without shame, guilt or fear of being judged.


  • A holistic, medical and mental health approach combined with motivational coaching skills, relationship enhancement skills, and sex health psycho-education for everyone from children to the elderly.


  • Procedures, methods and other coaching tools to simultaneously empower Mind, Body & Spirit.


  • Professional Training, Personal & Working Experience within the Psychology, Social Services and Human Sexuality fields.


Individual and couples coaching services are a great guiding tool to explore self growth and human sexuality to the fullest potential for adults:

  • seeking to build up a strong self-esteem leading to better manage the challenges regarding personal/career development, relationships, sexuality, intimacy, self-pleasure and human responses


  • seeking for education on sexual health from safe sex to sexual techniques, sex aid products, increase sexual desire, intensify arousal, etc.


  • coping with physical disabilities, mental and/or health care issues affecting sexual performance on young or aging adults
  • seeking to improve dating skills leading to building a healthy relationship


  • seeking inner tools to utilize in overcoming and shifting life obstacles into stepping stones towards a healthier, happier and fulfilling life overall


  • seeking to work through relationship challenges or simply reconnecting and enhancing their relationship overall, from opening channels of communication to enhancing the sexual and non-sexual intimacy with their partner



The cost of coaching services ranges from $40 to $150 per session depending on location and lenght of appointment.  Pre-paid discount packages are available for regular clients!

Regular coaching sessions are not applicable for you? NO problem, a single educational session could be provided for a specific learning objective at a discounted price.

Services are not covered under medical insurance. Cash, credit card, paypal, money order and checks are welcome.

Some community educational events are offered FREE of charge!
Stay tuned for upcoming educational events in your area…




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