Serendipity Singles & Couples Love Retreats

By Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach & Sex Health Educator

Let your authentic being come out and shine through on the path of transformation to living a life of ultimate potential. Allow yourself to achieve a healthier and happier life style. Learn tools to better cope with day-to-day personal and relationship challenges.


Women’s Weekend Retreat:
“Because I’m Worth It”

¡También disponible en Español!

Sat & Sun, November 18-19, 2017
from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Laughing Waters Retreat Center,
Gerton, NC


Sat: Part I – Body, Mind & Soul Balance leading to Well-Being & Personal Growth

Sun: Part II – Sex Health for Today’s Women: Female Sexuality from A to Z


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Benefits of Attending:

  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Discover your inner strength
  • Learn stress relief and time management skills
  • Manifest your own destiny
  • Create an action plan for healthy living
  • Stimulate your intellect
  • Find harmony and fulfillment
  • Achieve your personal growth potential
  • Awaken your sensuality and sexuality
  • Learn about sexual dysfunctions, sex techniques and aid products
  • Explore healthy forms of pleasure through body and mind connection


$99 single day pass for the first 10 people who register!!!


$250 $149 single day pass – 1 lunch included
$300 $199 two day pass – 2 lunches included
$600 $399 weekend pass – 1 night lodging, 2 lunches, 1 dinner & 1 breakfast included


Group Discounts Available!
Limited Availability for Lodging; secure your space today!


BONUS!!! Those women who attend the full weekend overnight retreat will also receive:

  • One Free Hour of Individual Coaching Consultation
  • 25% Off from one future Singles or Couples Weekend Retreat
  • Samples of Sexual Aid Products & 15% Off from products purchased during the retreat weekend
  • Saturday night additional group activities


For more information contact:

Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach
& Sex Health Educator
305-877-0202 /
Facebook: Serendipity Love Retreats


loving-heart-hands ADDITIONAL UPCOMING EVENTS!!!


New dates to be announced:
Weekend Retreat for Singles Seeking a Healthy, Nurturing, & Fulfilling Relationship.

New dates to be announced:
Weekend Retreat for Couples Seeking to Rediscover, Reconnect and Nurture their Relationship.


Broward/Miami Dade County, Florida


Laughing Waters Retreat Center in Gerton, NC, just outside Asheville NC; overlooking the beautiful mountains, creeks and rivers. This gorgeous location is a retreat on its own. It is what I like to call “The Land of Awakening Possibilities.”


3863 Gerton Hwy., Gerton, NC 28735

Watch Retreat Facility Videos:


  • To encourage you to discover and utilize your full potential.
  • To provide a space for self growth and reconnection with your mind, body, and soul through a path of self-transformation/ metamorphosis.
  • To show you that love does exist and demonstrate the tools required to build/re-build and unveil a healthy and fulfilling relationship.
  • To guide you to discover the type of relationship you want and provide you with self-sufficient tools in order to achieve this.
  • To inspire and connect you with the natural beauty of the surrounding NC mountains, creeks and rivers; the perfect setting to provide an awakening experience.
  • To create an inspirational movement with the purpose of empowering individuals to generate healthy and fulfilling relationships that originates within as well as others around them.
  • To expand our support system around the world transforming lives…one person at a time.


Part I – All About “ME”
  • Self Love
  • Let Go / Forgiveness
  • Discovering Who I am
  • Life Choices


Part II – All About “MY PARTNER”

  • What Do I Really Want
  • Selection Process
  • Coping with Our Differences
  • Effective Communication VS Mixed Signals


Part III – All about “MY RELATIONSHIP”

  • Healthy VS Unhealthy Relationships
  • Dating: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Connection with Today’s Technology
  • Intellectual Foreplay
  • Love VS Lust

Part I – All About “ME”

  • Self Love
  • Who Am I and What Do I Really Want
  • Life Choices
  • Learn to Say “NO”
  • My Sexuality


Part II – All About “MY PARTNER”

  • What Do I Expect from My Partner
  • Trust, Forgiveness and Healing
  • Reconnecting with My Partner
  • Reinforcing Positive Behaviors
  • My Partner’s Sexuality



  • Opening Channels of Communication
  • Relationship Myths and The Facts
  • Dating Again
  • Intellectual Foreplay
  • Sexual VS Non-Sexual Intimacy
  • The Bridge



Singles Retreat $250 (per person) for entire retreat.
Couples Retreat $600 (per couple) for entire retreat.
Meals are included.

Month Special: SR $175 & CR $275
Full payment is required for discount to be applicable.

Early Bird Special: SR $230 & CR $350
Full payment is required for discount to be applicable.

Ask for group discounts! Not applicable if other discount is applied.

Payment Plan Available! Payments can be made in installments with $75 deposit; last payment to be submitted a week before workshop. All payments are nonrefundable, but can be used toward any future retreat.

Limited spaces available, reserve a space today!!!

Register at to save your seat today. You will receive an email with an electronic Paypal invoice to be paid. Your space is not reserved until payment is made.


For lodging information contact Millie Mestril at Peaceful Quest Retreats
at 828-625-1025 or via email at

Watch Lodging Facility Video:

A 10% discount applicable for lodging while attending retreat. Ask for shared rooms available! Discount Code: Serendipity Retreat

Additional lodging facilities available at Laughing Waters, where actual retreat will take place!! Contact Ileana M. Calderon for details!!!



We are blessed with an amazing staff who truly cares about the well-being of our clients. I have seen amazing success stories throughout the years, and I am very proud of how far so many clients have come, through their hard work and dedication. As a result, we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to help clients through this amazing journey of awakening and transformation.


Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach & Sex Health Educator. She has over 4 years of experience educating and empowering individuals to live their life to the fullest potential, by achieving a healthier and happier life style. As a result of providing this self-sufficient guidance tool, individuals learn new avenues to better cope with day-to-day personal and relationship challenges.

She is a human sexuality and relationship expert, and future licensed mental health counselor and sex therapist. She has received three certificates from the AASECT Board of Directors, including

  • “The Sexual Attitude Reassessment”
  • “Basics of Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology”
  • “Medical/Health Factors Affecting Sexual Function”

among other certificates such as “Child Abuse Seminar” & “Human Trafficking Seminar” at CAU, “Suicide Awareness Seminar” at Nova, etc.

Ileana obtained her BS in Psychology of Science; she attended to Sex Therapy Training Institute (STTI) where she obtained her sexologist certification, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mental Health from CAU. Her focus has been in female human sexuality, support groups, community psychology, mental health care, and sex therapy. Ileana has spent some of her time volunteering, by hosting private human sexuality educational events under her mentor, Dr. Carol Clark, PA, and by leading support groups at the Memorial Center for Behavioral Health and other local community centers in Broward and Miami Dade County.

Prior to her sex therapy pursuit, Ileana worked for nearly two years for a HRSA Grant in liaison with Memorial Hospital and the Hispanic Unity of Florida, a non-profit community services agency. At the hospital, she was able to educate patients about the importance of both physical and mental healthcare in order to avoid relapse. Ileana became interested in human sexuality after facing some major obstacles in her life, surviving cancer, child sexual abuse and a marriage that ended in divorce after ten years. Through these experiences, she has learned to look at situations from a different perspective as well as appreciating life on a different level. Furthermore, she continues to learn that happiness comes from within as you are the only tool needed to overcome any obstacles in life and last, but not least, that it takes more than love to hold a marriage, or any relationship together.

“I really love coming to work and watching my clients as they move towards transforming their lives into the life they truly want and deserve. This is not only rewarding, but the fuel of my work inspiration and passion for helping others. I am grateful to have the opportunity to support individuals and couples during this wonderful journey of life.” 

Millie A. Mestril (4)

Millie A. Mestril, Author of “A Soul’s Peaceful Quest: Lessons from the Path” and “Ballerina in a Bottleand Co-Owner of Peaceful Quest Retreat in NC, a family-owned property situated on five wooded acres in the ever beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains offering rooms, suites, and cottage rentals in the North Carolina Mountains.

Millie obtained her BS in Psychology of Science and Master’s Degree in Holistic Health from Ashford University. She is an authentic and very passionate woman who lives a life full of love and passion. In fact, she sees love everywhere and within everyone, from heart shaped rocks to the most unexpected places. Millie writes in her blog “Moments with Millie” everyday and shares her discoveries and lessons with the universe…as a token of appreciation for all of the wonderful things she has in her life. “When you truly admire nature you begin to see love everywhere. Love needs no words….”

Tom - Copy

Tom Buffkin, Consultant at EarthMark Consultants and Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest University. Tom is a very charismatic man who loves to interact with people and being able to help them in any way, whether it is through his own personal or professional experiences within the psychology field. He has an enormous heart and amazing energy which can light up a room.

debbie . - Copy

Debbie Wilson Pustorino, HIV/AIDS Case Manager and Substance Abuse Counselor as well as social media manager for Laughing Waters Retreat Center and Hickory Nut Forest Eco Community. Debbie truly enjoys being active in the community by collaborating at public events as well as attending and organizing motivational retreats. She loves life and all it has to offer…always finding a reason to smile and helping others around her to smile too. “Life is a journey and we are all in it together.”


We create a safe place for our clients to grow to their potential. They do the work, we hold the light. When I can pass that light onto my clients to hold for themselves, I know my job has purpose. Everyone deserves the chance to grow, and we all need someone to provide the light.

You are only a step away from a new beginning to the life you deserve…come join us!!!

Just because your life is not what you were expecting, doesn’t mean it’s not everything you’ve been waiting for, to find closure and allowing new beginnings through the serendipity path…exploring the unexpected!!!



Contact Ileana M. Calderon at 305-877-0202
or via email at

Stay tuned at Serendipity Love Retreats Facebook Page



Serendipity Love Retreats are not intended to treat or cure any medical or mental health condition. It is also not designed for specific types of philias or sex addiction. Furthermore, retreat facilitators are not to provide one-on-one counseling, but strictly support through group activities.

Moreover, there is no alcohol, substance abuse, profanity, nudity or sexual physical contact permitted. In fact, an individual may be asked to leave at any time during the retreat, for intolerable acts or for continued violations of acts which they have been previously warned in order to protect the well-being of clients, staff and company.