Two Days Seminars for Women:
“Because I’m Worth It”

¡También disponible en Español!



Sat , November 18th, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sat: Part I – Body, Mind & Soul Balance leading to Well-Being & Personal Growth



Sun, November 19th, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sun: Part II – Sex Health for Today’s Women: Female Sexuality from A to Z


WHERE: Laughing Waters Retreat Center, Gerton, NC 28735

Benefits of Attending:

  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Discover your inner strength
  • Learn stress relief and time management skills
  • Manifest your own destiny
  • Create an action plan for healthy living
  • Stimulate your intellect
  • Find harmony and fulfillment
  • Achieve your personal growth potential
  • Awaken your sensuality and sexuality
  • Learn about sexual dysfunctions, sex techniques and aid products
  • Explore healthy forms of pleasure through body and mind connection


$99 single day pass for the first 10 people who register!!!


$250 $149 single day pass – 1 lunch included
$300 $199 two day pass – 2 lunches included
$600 $399 weekend pass – 1 night lodging, 2 lunches, 1 dinner & 1 breakfast included


Group Discounts Available!
Limited Availability for Lodging; secure your space today!


BONUS!!! Those women who attend the full weekend overnight retreat will also receive:

  • One Free Hour of Individual Coaching Consultation
  • 25% Off from one future Singles or Couples Weekend Retreat
  • Samples of Sexual Aid Products & 15% Off from products purchased during the retreat weekend
  • Saturday night additional group activities

For more information contact:

Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach
& Sex Health Educator
305-877-0202 /
Facebook: Serendipity Love Retreats



Workshop: “Relationships & Love are FUN!!!”
Self Love, Communication, Connection, Dating, & More…

 Couple playfully piggybacking through field.
Seeking a Fulfilling, Loving & Lasting Relationship? A Happy, Healthy & Relationship starts within. Come join us for a night of Hors D’oeuvres, Relationship Advice, Life Coaching, Fun Interactive Activities, & more…

A great opportunity to learn the Key Elements of Love & Relationship Connection Skills while enjoying the “Meet & Greet”, Kava, Fresh Coconuts, Chai Tea, Raaw Juices.


HOSTESS:  Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach & Sex Health Educator

WHEN: Sunday, 03/05/17 at 6PM

WHERE: Mystic Water Kava Bar & Yoga Studio at 2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020

$35 ($25 special price for the first 5 registrations Code: ICFB5414) Group discounts available! Limited spaces available, reserve you spot today!!!


  • Love Key Elements
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Communication Tools
  • Meaningful Connection


  • The Art of Giving & Receiving
  • Coping with Our Differences
  • Intellectual Foreplay
  • Dating Do’s and Don’ts

For more Information:  305-877-0202 / /

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You are only one step away from manifesting the relationship you deserve…
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NEW!!!  Women’s Sex Health Seminar Coming Soon!!!

 Women’s Workshop: “Sex Health for Today’s Women”


 A great opportunity to learn how to embrace our sexuality by creating balance within all aspect of womanhood. Sex is not a dirty word…let’s talk about it. Come join us to discuss different aspects of female sex health from body anatomy & sexual responses, to intimacy, body & mind connection, health and nutrition, wellbeing, spirituality and more…
HOSTESS:  Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach & Sex Health Educator

WHEN: Saturday,  02/11/17 from 10am-3pm

WHERE: Mystic Water Kava Bar & Yoga Studio at 2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020

COST: $75 ($65 Early Bird Special for first 5 registrations) Group discounts available! Lunch will be served! Limited spaces available, reserve your spot today!!!


  • Female Body Anatomy & Sexual Responses
  • Sexual vs. Non-Sexual Intimacy
  • Body & Mind Connection
  • Open Communication Needs & Desires
  • Sexual Wellbeing & Spirituality


  • Health & Nutrition
  • Sex Aids Products
  • Self Exploration & Discovery
  • Step Ladder of Arousal
  • Powerful Sex Techniques & other Modalities

In a society where most topics are still taboo, I’m here to provide you with a safe environment where you can feel comfortable to openly ask intimate questions to a professional in the field while getting answers without shame, guilt or fear of being judged.

For More Information: / 305-877-0202 /

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IMPORTANT!!! Repetiremos seminario ahora en espanol!!!

Women’s Workshop: “Because I Matter…”

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A wonderful day of Self Discovering, Healing & Manifesting along with Guided Meditations, Spirituality, Intuitive Healing Modalities, Interactive Activities and more…. 

  • Self Love “My Mind”
  • Balance “My Soul”
  • Sexuality “My Body”
  • Tree of Life “My Path”

A great opportunity to Reconnect with your Inner Core, Heal your Soul & Unleash your Authentic Being on the path to reaching your ultimate potential. 

Hosted by:  Ileana M. Calderon, Certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach & Sex Health Educator

Date: Saturday, 01/07/17 from 10am–3pm

Tambien disponible en espanol; interesadas por favor registrarse

Location: Mystic Water Kava Lounge & Yoga Studio at 2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020

Cost: $75 ($65 Early Bird Special for the first 5 registrations) Group discounts available! Lunch will be served. Limited spaces available, reserve you spot today!!!


10:00am-11:15am Self Love
“My Mind”
  • Discovering Who I am
  • Self Esteem vs. Self Image
  • What We Can & Can’t Change
  • Inner Strength


11:30am-12:30pm Balance
My Soul”

  • Reiki Energy Work
  • Body Chakras
  • Clearing Meditation &
    Relaxation Techniques
  • Healing Elements &
    other Modalities…

1:00pm-1:45pm Sexuality
“My Body”

  • Sexuality vs. Sensuality
  • Women’s Sex Health
  • Sex vs. Lust
  • Healthy VS Unhealthy Sexual Habits
  • Sexual Expression

2:00pm-3:00pm Tree of Life
“My Path”

  • Creating Balance
  • Living in Harmony &
  • Manifesting my own Destiny
  • Self Agreement

You are only a step away from a new beginning to the life you deserve… Come Join Us!!!

More Information:

Contact Ileana at 305-877-0202 /

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Educational events are  offered in person, teleconferencing or live web video conferencing. (Bilingual: English & Spanish)


business people




  • Community organizations (LGBT, family programs, etc.) seeking for further education on sex health and day to day social challenges


  • Schools or educational programs seeking to educate children or young adults on motivational skills development, bullying prevention, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, sexual abuse prevention, abstinence/safe sex, and other topics such as STD’s, and teenage pregnancy.


  • Medical or mental health care professionals seeking to train their staff and/or clients on sexual dysfunctions approach, treatment strategies and sex aid products benefits.


  • Women’s programs focus on spirituality, medical and mental health from motivational skills to pregnancy, body image, menopause, and how to balance a career while being a mother, wife, and the overall complexity of being a women.


  • Private companies seeking to train their staff on bullying and sexual harassment prevention, etc.



Educational events’ cost ranges from $10 to $50 per person depending on location, event duration and whether beverages and appetizers are provided.  Group discounts are available!

Some community educational events are offered FREE of charge!
Stay tuned for upcoming events in your area…



Let’s talk about your educational event ideas… A Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation is only a phone call away.

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